What are your hours and location?

The HabiStore is located at 935 W Grant Road and is open 9-5 Monday - Saturday and 10-4 on Sundays.

How does your discount system work?

Every Tuesday, we offer a senior discount of 10% off. Every day, we honor our Veterans and active-duty military members with 10% off. On the first of the month, our colorful discount tags rotate, adding an additional 25% off to every item that has remained on the floor since the previous month.

Are your prices negotiable?

No, our prices are not negotiable. The funds from HabiStore sales are extremely necessary to support Habitat Tucson’s affordable housing projects. Every sale bangs a nail!

Does your inventory stay the same every day?

No, inventory is constantly changing; new inventory may not appear immediately. If you see it, you should buy it!

Is your online inventory the same as your in-store inventory?

No. We have some items that are only available in-store. Come into the store to see our full inventory!

How does the HabiStore support Habitat for Humanity Tucson?

When you buy an item from the HabiStore, the funds from that sale support Habitat Tucson’s construction projects right here in Southern Arizona. The goods you donate are not used in Habitat homes; instead, the funds generated from their sale are used to purchase new materials to construct Habitat homes.

Is the HabiStore connected to TMM’s ReStore on 22nd?

No. The HabiStore on 935 W Grant Road is the only store in Southern Arizona that is affiliated with Habitat for Humanity Tucson. TMM’s ReStore on 22nd isnot affiliated with the HabiStore or Habitat for Humanity Tucson.

How do I donate goods?

SCHEDULE A FREE PICKUPonline or call the store to schedule. You can also bring your donation yourself to 935 W Grant Rd. Just pull in the bay door in the rear of the parking lot, where it says “Donations”!

What happens if I can’t pick up my item within 3 days?

If an item is not picked up by the 4th day, items will be returned to shopping inventory. This applies to both in-store and online purchases.

What happens when I purchase an item online?

Once an item is purchased online, it is removed from shopping inventory and readied for the customer to pick it up.

How and where do I pick up my online order?

Customers have 3 days to pick up their purchase from the HabiStore located at 935 W Grant Road. Please call us at (520) 889-7200 to arrange pickup by a third party.

Pickup hours are 9 am – 4 pm Monday – Saturday and Sunday 10 am – 3 pm.

Arrive in the pick-up window at our HabiStore warehouse. Back your vehicle up to the loading zone specified “pick up.” An associate will greet you and ask for the receipt to verify purchase, retrieve your items, and load them into the vehicle.

Do you deliver?

The HabiStore does not deliver. 3rd party Delivery Options are the responsibility of the buyer.

Do you accept returns?

Once the item(s) are loaded into your vehicle and removed off of the HabiStore property, all sales are final. Electrical items can be returned within 30 days in case of improper functioning. In order to return electrical items, you must bring a receipt.

Any other questions?

Give us a call at (520) 889-7200. We want to make this easy! So please let us know if you have any questions before you visit us!